Preventive health is a key pillar of Australia’s Long Term National Health Plan. A 10-year National Preventive Health Strategy is being developed and will be completed by March 2021. In late August 2020 the Department of Health released a Consultation Paper which outlined the key themes from consultations held to date, as well as what the National Preventive Health Strategy aims to achieve and conceptually, how this might be done. The consultation was open from 28 August - 28 September 2020.

CHF believes there are a number of systemic shifts that are needed across government and society to prevent poor health outcomes, reduce health inequities and address the social, cultural, environmental and commercial determinants of health. The COVID-19 pandemic and emerging knowledge about the links between conditions such as obesity and coronavirus and its effects, are added impetus for a sound Strategy. The development of a 10 Year National Preventive Health Strategy is a significant opportunity to take a more holistic approach to address the underlying causes of poor health. CHF is seeking an ambitious, implementation focused National Preventive Health Strategy with explicit investment targets.

A copy of CHF's submission is provided below. The National Preventive Health Strategy Consultation Paper can be accessed here.

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Friday, November 13, 2020