Proyouth Oz
Just in time for Mental Health Week, researchers at the Australian National University and the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany have launched the online program ProYouth OZ and are looking for participants. The program has been designed to help young people improve their body image.
This is a guest blog by Lesley Brydon, CEO of Painaustralia. Find out more about their work here . Most people think of chronic pain as an inevitable consequence of aging. Unless it affects you or someone you love, few of us wonder what it would be like to live a life time with chronic pain. The...
Consumer co-creation in health: innovating in Primary Health Networks
Here are some of the most important recommendations from our follow-up report on the 'Consumer Engagement: How can Primary Health Networks & Local Health Networks involve consumers in co-creation to improve healthcare?' workshop we held recently in association with the Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association (AHHA).
CEO Leanne Wells
A leading medical journal, MJA InSight, has published this article by CEO Leanne Wells highlighting the need for consumer-centred health care. It is self-evident that we should build health services around the needs of the patient, isn’t it? But this becomes all the more compelling when we consider...
CEO Leanne Wells recently spoke to ABC Radio's World Today program about Singulair/montelukast. To give a bit more detail on our position, we've prepared this short post.
Most of us probably take our local pharmacy for granted. Pharmacists tend to be friendly and helpful. It’s the place we go to get our scripts filled and to get advice about common health issues. And there’s a pharmacy in every suburb and town if not more, isn’t there? So why would you want to...
Fairfax have published an op-ed from us that looks at inequality and health literacy in the Australian healthcare system. "We spend about $100 billion of public money on healthcare and products annually. Society and its leaders fret about this expense while we do little to take the relatively...
This is a guest blog from Michael Greco, CEO of Patient Opinion When a patient believes an experience with the health system, good or bad, is worth bringing to the attention of those in charge, nothing is quite as affirming as hearing that the action has prompted a tangible response. That is a key...
Stephen Duckett
The Abbott-led government shrilly decried a ‘debt and deficit disaster’ before initiating massive increases in budget deficits. It also reneged on a ‘no cuts to Medicare’ promise with a 2014 Budget that made swingeing cuts to public hospitals and attempted a compulsory co-payment. With that background, here are three dos and three don’ts for the new government.
Jennifer Doggett
Many areas of life have changed radically in the last generation due to the opportunities provided by new technologies and other societal changes. We no longer have to queue at banks, spend our life savings to make an overseas phone call, rush to the supermarket before it closes at 5pm or choose between the meagre entertainment offerings on five TV channels. However, during this period of rapid transformation in many consumer sectors, our experience of health care has changed surprisingly little.


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