The Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation has released their Discussion Paper to help stimulate debate and inform submissions which will inform the Panel’s recommendations, and are conducting Public Consultations.
You are looking at the renewed website of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. This brighter website is aimed at better picking up and presenting YOUR health issues and interests. We also have a fresh, contemporary logo and new colours. logo.png This site incorporates content from the sister...
We are at a point of flux in health policy decision-making where we need fresh thinking to tackle the paradox of these times: contemporary health care’s enormous potential to preserve and extend life at a time of avoidable disparity in health outcomes, CHF CEO Leanne Wells, said in the Ian Webster Oration to UNSW’s Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity.
Leanne Wells, CEO of the Consumers Health Forum, discusses how Primary Health Networks might measure "success" in consumer engagement.
Leanne Wells, CEO, discusses how the views of consumers can and ought to be reflected in the work of Primary Health Networks.
In this blog for the Canberra Times CHF CEO Leanne Wells urges the Federal Government to act quickly to move towards community and coordinated care in the early days of the new Primary Health Networks.
Doctor and patient viewing an x-ray image
Above all else patients want professionals who see them as more than just a problem to be solved. CHF CEO Leanne Wells on being treated as an individual.
clinician talking to patient
"The latest Commonwealth plan to reboot Australia’s primary care system offers the potential for consumers to have a greater say over how their local health services should work. We hope." CHF CEO Leanne Wells on the potential of the PHNs
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The auditor’s exhaustive scrutiny of the administration of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement (5CPA) shows the Health Department and the Pharmacy Guild failed to deliver on key government goals like giving more focus to patient services and maximising value to taxpayers. CHF's Adam Stankevicius on the 5CPA.
CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius on the revised GP co-payment proposal and why the 'price signal' could be bad for your health.


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