10 December 2022 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm


Zoom (Note- times are in AEDT)

This masterclass will give young people (18-30) the tools they need to share their lived experiences with peers, organisations and other stakeholders in a safe and respectful manner.  
This is an issue that often comes up when working with young people, they will rush to talk about their lived experience without considering the implications their story may have on themselves and others; and without the skills to share their story in a way that is useful to a broader context or a broader audience.
This topic will also briefly cover aspects of ensuring that the storyteller maintains ownership of the narrative that is being shared. This is particularly important when young people talk to the external groups, including the media, about their lived experiences.  
We acknowledge and value the strength and example of First Nations’ storytelling in which our own approach is grounded. Cultural knowledge and safety are honoured and prioritised as the basis for good mental health in diverse environments and supporting us to create a more ethical and transformative approach to storytelling.
The session will include case studies and scenarios highlighting the risks and benefits of Story Telling. A key component will be looking at how young people’s Stories are being produced and disseminated within the health and social sector, the potential issues that may arise, and how to advocate for Story Holders to ensure safe, ethical Story Telling is applied.

Learning objectives  
At the end of the masterclass, participants will:  

  • Gain an understanding of the Transformational Ethical Story Telling (TEST) Framework and its guiding principles.  
  • Apply the TEST principles to their storytelling practice.  
  • Increase knowledge and confidence in negotiating conditions that facilitates safe Story Telling practice with requesting organisations, including the media.  
  • Gain an awareness of how to share their lived experiences safely and effectively.  
  • Have access to a participant’s workbook with content information and supporting materials

About the presenters

Our Race is a social enterprise that promotes the development of tools and techniques to enable storytellers and communities to be the creators and directors of their own stories and promote them in the wider community

Website: Our Race
LinkedIn: Our Race | LinkedIn
Instagram: our_race

Event details
This event is for people aged between 18-30, with a maximum of 25 participants.

When: Saturday 10 December 1pm – 4pm (AEDT)
Where: Zoom/online
RSVP: YHF Master Class: Storytelling  
Cost: Free event

About the YHF Masterclass Series

We are hosting a series of online educational masterclasses for young health consumers. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your skills and network with other young health consumers.  
These masterclasses are designed by experienced young health consumers. They will share the skills and knowledge they wish they had known when they had first stepped up as young consumer advocates. This will incorporate a series of support tools and resources, including a recording of each of the classes to allow registrants to review each session in their own time if they are unable to attend.

More masterclasses will be announced shortly.

For further information

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