23 September 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm




Primary health care - a timely webinar on significant trends for change in Australia

Information and discussion webinar

This webinar was recorded on 23 September 2020

#CHF Talks webinar series

The dynamics of health care are changing, with increasing acceptance of patients being engaged as partners with clinicians in their care. What does this mean for Australia’s approach, particularly at a time when the Federal Government is developing a 10 Year Primary Health Reform Plan?

Emerging concepts and practices such as patient activation and aspects of health care that need to be strengthened such as self-management and health literacy will be discussed by the webinar panel.

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Panelists for the webinar are:

  • Professor Larry Baker
    American exponent of partnership in health care
  • Linda Beaver
    Consumers advocate
  • Assoc Prof Michael Greco
    CEO, Care Opinion
  • Dr Paresh Dawda
    a leader in general practice reform

Facilitated by:

  • Leanne Wells
    Chief Executive Officer, Consumers Health Forum of Australia

Contact: Lisa Gelbart, Senior Policy Officer

Replay the webinar