31 July 2023 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Consumers Health Forum is looking for people with governance skills and experience as a health consumer to be involved in the governance of our organisation. Do you have the skills, community networks, and lived experience to join the CHF Board?

In this webinar, CHF Board Chair, Tony Lawson will walk you through the requirements to be a Director with CHF and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions.

A call for nominations will go out soon, so now is a good time to find out what the steps are for nomination and the requirements for serving on the Board. Read more about the Board's vision here


Tony Lawson 

Tony Lawson is Chair of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. He has been involved at the highest levels in consumer health for over a decade and continues to strive to provide decisive and strategic leadership to CHF representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. Read more about our Chair, Tony Lawson