Eating for better health

2022 - current

This project is a partnership between Nutrition Australia’s Fruit and Vegetable Consortium and CHF, supported by KPMG, the Medibank Foundation, and other organisations committed to improving the health of all Australians, by increasing their vegetable consumption.

Consumer opportunities

Expressions of interest are now closed for this project.

About the project

"Eating for better health" builds on research undertaken by the Fruit and Vegetable Consortium that shows:

  • increasing vegetable consumption will reduce government health expenditure
  • eating an extra half a cup of vegetables every day reduces the risk of death from heart disease and stroke by 4 per cent.

Consultations and research will be undertaken with consumers, food growers and other stakeholders, to understand how they eat, the motivations for current food choices, and to understand how consumers may be encouraged to make healthier food choices. The information collected will inform a strategy to improve community engagement and awareness of the benefits of eating more vegetables.

The project will be completed by July 2022.

Consumer Steering Committee

The Consumer Steering Committee will comprise project partners and two expert consumers to oversee the Eating for better health project, which will include:

  • market research with identified growers and communities
  • consumer focus group workshops
  • engagement by consumers with their networks through community conversations
  • a consumer survey
  • a think tank style workshop of expert advisors.

The project will culminate in a round table event comprising professionals and expert consumers, and a paper identifying issues and making recommendations for measures to increase vegetable consumption.

Community Conversation Hosts

Community conversations are a way to engage with local communities, with informal conversations led by consumer representatives with other health consumers, so that they can have their say in a safe and supportive environment.

CHF is seeking consumer representatives who can arrange community conversations with parents of children aged 4 to 17 years. It will be an opportunity for parents from across Australia to discuss their motivations in making food choices for their families and their perspectives on how their choices are influenced.

Each community conversation, of 1.5 to 2 hours, will be led by a community host with a strong network, who will invite up to 10 parents in their community to take part. The conversations may be in any location or manner (for example, at a community venue, at someone’s home, or virtually).

The host will guide the discussion with a set of questions provided to them, and will report the responses to CHF, for compiling into a set of consumer insights.

Expressions of interest are now closed for this project.