The Consumers Health Forum has commissioned the following resources to support your conversations with consumers about pain management.

  • A set of six storycards using humorous line drawings and trigger questions/statements.
  • A set of key messages relevant to each illustration
  • ...
2017 - Current

The purpose of the Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability (PCHSS) is to explore the issues impacting health care system sustainability and develop and evaluate a set of implementable interventions that are appropriate from a clinical, patient and economic perspective. The outcomes...


The ABS Health Statistics Program covers a wide range of topics including long term health conditions, health risk factors, patient experience, nutrition, physical activity, disability and mental health, deaths, causes of death and life expectancy for both the general population and the...

2013 - Current

The Real People; Real Data project will develop and pilot a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for capturing and analysing consumer narratives of health, illness and the health system. The aim is to equip health services and consumers with a relevant and practical tool that can assist them to gather and assess consumer stories, and use this often-overlooked evidence base to inform decisions about health services, policies and reforms.


CHF has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to consult with our members on the Review of funding Arrangements for Chemotherapy Services. The initiation of the Review followed talks between the Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia over appropriate subsidies for dispensing chemotherapy after the reduction in the PBS subsidy for a key chemotherapy drug, Docetaxel.

2012 - 14

CHF began working with Health Workforce Australia (HWA) in March 2012 to facilitate consumer engagement across a range of HWA projects and support consumer representatives on HWA Project Advisory Groups.

2012 - 13

This project provided resourcing to enable consumer-centred policy input into the work of the Department of Health and Ageing’s Medical Benefits Division.  The Medical Benefits Division is...

2012 - 13

As part of the Commonwealth Government’s Diagnostic Imaging Quality Program, the Department of Health and Ageing has funded CHF to inform and consult with healthcare consumers about current diagnostic imaging practice.

2012 - 13

CHF received funding from the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) to facilitate consumer input to the national eHealth record. The aim of this project was to support health consumers and other community members engagement in the implementation of personally controlled electronic health records (PCEHR), and to keep them informed about the progress of the program.

2012 - 13

CHF began working with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in August 2012 to build and sustain effective community engagement with health practitioner regulation and the National Scheme.