The Federal Election will be held on 21 May 2022. CHF has worked with our members and stakeholders to develop an election platform that sets out the commitments sought from the major political parties.

The focus of our election platform is:

“What can be changed so that each patient, carer and community has the health services and care that they need to live the best and longest life that they can?”

The context for this election is like none previously experienced by most living Australians. It comes at a time when an already straining health system, in need of fundamental reform and restructure, is grappling with a deadly pandemic that disproportionately affects the community’s most vulnerable people.

We encourage you to read election platform - the policies that health consumers think matter most, and download the information pack and kit to help you make this election matter in the future of health.

The 2022 - 23 Election Platform is accompanied by a detailed document outlining the case for an Australian Health Consumer Leadership Academy

The consultations with health consumers were guided by a Steering Group of volunteers whose focus was to prioritise and document four or five national policies. These are being advocated to government, opposition, minor parties and independents during the election campaign.

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Friday, February 18, 2022
Consumers Health Forum