Election Platform Steering Committee


Join the Steering Committee to develop the CHF Election Platform

  • Are you a health consumer with strong connections to your community?
  • Have you been a consumer representative/advocate in health care?
  • Are you a leader in a CHF member organisation?
  • Are you interested in how Commonwealth Government policies can improve Australia’s health care and health care systems, programs and services?
  • Would you like to help guide the CHF’s policy and advocacy development work?
  • Are you available to take part in online meetings to co-design CHF’s Election Platform?


The next federal election is likely to be held in late 2021 or in the first half of 2022. Therefore, over the next few months, CHF will develop a platform setting out the commitments sought from the major political parties, so that it is ready to launch when the election is announced.

CHF would like to invite up to five consumer advocates to join the Steering Group that will guide consultations with health consumers to prioritise and document four or five national policies that will be advocated with the government, opposition, minor parties and independents during the election campaign.

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The work

Consultation process

The Steering Group will oversee the project methodology, including two consultation processes. The first – and broader – consultations will shortlist the priorities for the election platform. The second would be used to test and refine the measures for each priority.

Producing the platform

Two platform documents are proposed:

  • a comprehensive CHF platform
  • a CHF youth platform.

Each platform document could comprise between four and six broad priority policy areas (for example, primary health care, preventive health, mental health), with a set of initiatives set out under each.

This is the Steering Group for the comprehensive CHF platform. The youth platform will be developed in direct consultation with young people.

The CHF policy team will write the policy platforms, under guidance from the Steering Group.

Commitment from members

  • The Steering Group will hold regular meetings. The number of meetings, when they are held, and for how long will be decided by the Steering Group at its first meeting.
  • Meetings will be held online, so you will need to have the IT capability and data allowance to take part.
  • You will need to do some reading to prepare for meetings and make contributions between meetings.
  • The Steering Group will be in place until the federal election date is decided/announced.


In selecting members, CHF will consider the need for diverse representation across the group, including health needs and background, age, sex, location, and cultural and linguistic diversity.

Please complete the application below by midnight on Sunday 13 June if you would like to join the Steering Group. Your application will be assessed on merit, and applicants notified by Monday 21 June.

This is a volunteer role with CHF, so no fees will be paid.

Contact CHF Senior Policy Officer, Tammy Wolffs - email t.wolffs@chf.org.au with any questions.

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