5 January 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF considers this review to be of critical importance to every Australian health consumer.
Consumers consistently raise with us their concerns about the safety and quality of medicines,
giving details of personal experiences of when the safety regime has failed them. With this in mind,
CHF strongly believes that the safety and quality of therapeutic goods in Australia should be the
ultimate goal of this regulatory framework.

28 November 2014 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum

The Consumers Health Forum says it is unacceptable that a new review into medicines and medical devices has failed to reflect the vital interest consumers have in this matter.

26 November 2014 Annual Reports
Consumers Health Forum

The past year has proved a time of significant change for Australia’s health consumers and for CHF itself.

31 October 2014 Health Voices
Consumers Health Forum

eHealth: the future is now

30 October 2014 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum

The 5th Annual Dr Christopher Newell AO Lecture in Honour will be delivered by Professor Shaun Ewen in Melbourne on 10 November 2014

5 September 2014 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF supports that any health care service be based on the principles of consumer-centred healthcare and that it considers the patient, their carer and family. The key principles of consumercentred healthcare are inclusive of safety and quality issues, cost and sustainability.

20 August 2014 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF has strongly opposed policies that increase consumer out-of-pocket costs through the imposition of new or increased co-payments. We have raised these concerns consistently through previous submissions to Senate Committee inquiries. CHF’s commissioned research on out-ofpocket costs highlights many of the complex and negative aspects of co-payments in health care. Our call to address the rising consumer burden of healthcare in Australia is supported by this consumer- centred research.

18 August 2014 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum

A national workshop for consumer and community representatives
contributing to health services and health reform at the governance level

18 June 2014 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum

Letter to Senators and MPs asking them to be aware of the impact of additional co-payments on consumers.

8 May 2014 Report
Consumers Health Forum

We have long been concerned about the rising out of pocket costs impacting consumers’ access to quality health care. Beginning in January 2014, we ran a survey to collect consumers’ experiences with out of pocket costs. This survey received over 500 responses, and the stories consumers told were startling.