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We regularly release reports both on our own and with partners. For access to reports released earlier than available here, please contact us.

10 February 2020 Report
Yvonne Zurynski, Alex Vedovi, K-lynn Smith

A rapid literature review to inform primary care policy in Australia

Authors: Yvonne Zurynski, Alex Vedovi, K-lynn Smith

NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability Australian Institute of Health Innovation, 
Macquarie University

28 January 2020 Report
Consumers Health Forum

Social prescribing is the practice where health professionals, including GPs, have the resources and infrastructure to link patients with social services – or even social groups – in a bid to address the social determinants contributing to poor health and stave off the epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. A GP may, for example, suggest a patient join a local running group to enjoy the benefits of exercise and interaction.

16 December 2019 Report

As background to this demonstration trial, this report reports a scoping review of the extant knowledge to identify practical and relevant information related to the Collaborative Pairs context, program, methodology and outcomes. 

16 December 2019 Report
Consumers Health Forum

Collaborative Pairs is a leadership development program which brings together a consumer, patient or community leader to work with a service provider, clinician or manager to develop new ways of working together. Each pair identifies a joint healthcare challenge or project that they are passionate about and will work on for the duration of the program.

The program, which originated in the UK, aims to develop partnerships and to break down the cultural barriers that often exist between those providing services and those receiving them. 

18 November 2019 Report
Consumers Health Forum

2018-19 was an exciting year for CHF, from working with our growing member base to reach millions of consumers, to launching initiatives that will make a real difference to Australia's healthcare system. Read our Report Card to learn more.

23 October 2019 Report
Consumers Health Forum

The aim of this national patient activation survey was to get a better understanding of the level of activation of health care consumers to ascertain how receptive they might be to models of service delivery that require them to be more involved in their own care. Often lack of engagement - or activation -  is cited as a barrier to increasing self-management and  shared decision making and hence better experiences of care and health outcomes.