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We regularly release reports both on our own and with partners. For access to reports released earlier than available here, please contact us.

18 November 2019 Report
Consumers Health Forum

2018-19 was an exciting year for CHF, from working with our growing member base to reach millions of consumers, to launching initiatives that will make a real difference to Australia's healthcare system. Read our Report Card to learn more.

23 October 2019 Report
Consumers Health Forum

The aim of this national patient activation survey was to get a better understanding of the level of activation of health care consumers to ascertain how receptive they might be to models of service delivery that require them to be more involved in their own care. Often lack of engagement - or activation -  is cited as a barrier to increasing self-management and  shared decision making and hence better experiences of care and health outcomes.

25 November 2018 Report
Consumers Health Forum
25 November 2018 Report
Consumers Health Forum

Over thirty years of consumer advocacy in health at the national level is reason to ponder the direction of health care and the role consumers and communities will play in shaping our health care future.

It is common belief that we need more preventative and integrated primary health care. The hospital of the future will look very different from the hospital of today. Changes to how health care is delivered are going to accelerate at an unprecedented pace driven by digitalisation, consumer
expectation and the advent of genomics and precision, personalised medicine.

14 November 2018 Report
The Youth Health Forum

The Youth Health Forum is a network of over fifty young leaders from across the country who came together in September 2018 to discuss our perspectives on the current health system. We are not health policy experts, but experience matters. Our views highlight key areas that will help shape the health of Australians in the future.

2 October 2018 Report

Consumers want support in finding accurate, effective smartphone apps for health and wellness, and they should be subject to an authoritative regulatory system that rates them for efficacy.

As consumers increasingly turn to health apps to aid and monitor their health and treatment, there’s clearly a need for people to know whether they can trust the apps, and whether they offer the best health option available and are worth the investment in time and money.  

17 September 2018 Report
Consumers Health Forum, The George Institute, The University of Queensland

This report presents the arguments as to why all political and other leaders must act now to transform Australia’s health system to ensure it is sustainable, effective, efficient, and leads to greater satisfaction for both consumers and service providers.

The report provides priorities for those leaders to maximise opportunities to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, their families and communities, and thereby unlock both social, capital and economic benefits for Australia.