Our Reports

We regularly release reports both on our own and with partners. For access to reports released earlier than available here, please contact us.

17 September 2018 Report

Snakes & Ladders: The Journey to Primary Care Integration

Consumers Health Forum, The George Institute, The University of Queensland

This report presents the arguments as to why all political and other leaders must act now to transform Australia’s health system to ensure it is sustainable, effective, efficient, and leads to greater satisfaction for both consumers and service providers.

The report provides priorities for those leaders to maximise opportunities to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, their families and communities, and thereby unlock both social, capital and economic benefits for Australia.

9 July 2018 Report

CHF 2017-18 Report Card

Consumers Health Forum

2017-18 was an exciting year for CHF, from working with our growing member base to reach millions of consumers, to launching initiatives that will make a real difference to Australia's healthcare system. Read our Report Card to learn more.

13 June 2018 Report

Going Digital to Deliver a Healthier Australia

CHF and The George Institute
1 June 2018 Report

Consumer case studies about safety and quality in health care - project information sheet

23 May 2018 Report

Engaging consumers in their health data journey

Consumers Health Forum and NPS MedicineWise

Consumer health data – clinical and socio-demographic – is increasingly collected, linked and used, both with and without consumers’ knowledge and informed consent. There is increasing focus on ‘big data’, evidence-informed policy, and the value of data-driven service development and improvement. Recent examples of this include consultations about the secondary use of health data, incentivising the capture of data at the point of care delivery, and the My Health Record.

21 May 2018 Report

Carer and Consumer Engagement in Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care

This consensus statement has been developed by Palliative Care Australia, Consumers Health Forum
of Australia and Carers Australia. Palliative care and end-of-life care should be strongly responsive
to the needs, preferences and values of people, their families and carers. People should be able to
access appropriate palliative care support, regardless of income, background, diagnosis, prognosis;
they should be able to access palliative care when and where they need it. 

20 April 2018 Report

Chronic disease services in South Eastern Melbourne Information sheet

5 April 2018 Report

Hear Our Pain

Consumers Health Forum

When we decided to look at out of pocket costs we wanted to get a better understanding of how much people pay, who pays and what impact these costs have on their healthcare and their lives. We asked people to give us their story as well as giving us some basic information through the survey. The full stories show how individuals and families are impacted when faced with the double dilemma of difficult health decisions and high, sometimes unexpected, out of pocket expenses.

19 September 2017 Report

Summary of Tipping the Scales - Australian Obesity Prevention Consensus

Obesity Policy Coalition

This is a summary of the Tipping the Scales - Australian Obesity Prevention Consensus report that outlines eight actions for the Australian federal government to take, established by a comprehensive consensus process as agreed elements to underpin a national obesity prevention plan. 

19 September 2017 Report

Tipping the Scales - Australian Obesity Prevention Consensus

Obesity Policy Coalition

Australia’s health, wellbeing and productivity is being threatened by an epidemic of weight-related illness. Most Australian adults (63.4%) are above a healthy weight with 27.9% obese and 35.5% overweight.