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We regularly release reports both on our own and with partners. For access to reports released earlier than available here, please contact us.

23 August 2017 Report

Consumer Priorities for a National Health Plan - Summary

Consumers Health Forum
This is a one-pager that summarises the key points from the full Report, 'Consumer Priorities for a National Health Plan'. '
23 August 2017 Report

Consumer Priorities for a National Health Plan

Consumers Health Forum
This issues paper outlines a consumer perspective on the key design principles and elements which should be incorporated in the four pillars envisaged as part of a national health plan for Australia.
1 June 2017 Report

CHF Report Card: 2017

Consumers Health Forum

2016-17 has been a very exciting time for CHF. Read through our report card to find out more about our activities this year.

1 June 2017 Report

Review of the Consumer Representative Program, Executive Summary and Recommendations

Consumers Health Forum

The Consumer Representative Program of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) has been in place for many years. It has been the subject of several internal and external reviews and more recently, the Program has been reoriented to be more strategic and focused. At the same time, there has been significant reform in the health system which has implications for the role and voice of consumers.

9 November 2016 Report

The Patient Centred Health Workforce

Rebecca Randall

The health sector, both in Australia and internationally is increasingly being pushed to do more with less, provide for disparate populations and meet the increasingly complex needs of people who use our health systems.  While the practice of patient centered care has been shown to benefit the health system on a range of levels, from the individual patient to the health system at a macro level, the degree to which this has been implemented by health professions remains unclear.

30 September 2016 Report

Medicare Benefits Schedule: Involving the public in the review process

Consumers Health Forum
This report includes a summary of findings and an appraisal of existing models used across the world to involve the public in heath technology assessment. It is intended to inform discussions of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce about the ‘improvement of our Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)’ in order to ensure that it is ‘consistent with the latest clinical practice, or the best value healthcare’ . This report focusses on ways of improving the way the public are involved in the process of reviewing MBS Items.
22 September 2016 Report

Consumer co-creation in health: innovating in Primary Health Networks

Consumers Health Forum, AHHA and Workshop Participants

This brief provides recommendations for health service providers including hospitals and Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to increase the role of consumers in designing healthcare services. It was put together by Policy Officer Rebecca Randall, following a workshop by AHHA and CHF, 'Consumer Engagement: How can PHNs & LHNs involve consumers in co-creation to improve healthcare?'

2 September 2016 Report


AusBiotech, CHF, Council of Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Group, Medicines Australia, NPS MedicineWise, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
This report captures multistakeholder perspectives on the opportunities afforded by biologic and biosimilar medicines in Australia and the key steps required to advance the evolving framework for the introduction and use of these medicines, in alignment with the National Medicines Policy.
1 August 2016 Report

Patient-centred Healthcare Homes in Australia - Towards Successful Implementation

CHF, The George Institute for Global Health, RACGP, Menzies Centre

In Australia we are faced with a complex health system with entrenched practices, multiple layers and stakeholders divided across Federal and State systems, which is also often hard to navigate for both patient and provider. The question we must address is how do we ensure the Health Care Home can reach its potential in Australia and deliver the best outcomes for patients? This report outlines recommendations around the following guiding principles towards successful implementation.

2 April 2016 Report

Putting the Consumer First

Consumers Health Forum, The George Institute for Global Health

To develop a framework for how this might happen in Australia, The George Institute for Global Health and the Consumers Health Forum of Australia partnered on a Special Policy Roundtable held in Sydney on 31 March 2016. Involving over 35 consumers, advocates, and health experts from a range of backgrounds, and representing key stakeholders (see list at end of report), these individuals developed the themes crystallised as recommendations in this report, based on the principles of consumer-centred care.