Your questions answered about the YHF grants program

  • Q: Are public hospital networks eligible under the grant guidelines?
    • A: Unfortunately they are not eligible for this grant, we would encourage public networks to partner with not for profit community organisations in submissions. 
  • Q: We are an incorporated not for profit, but not sure about if we are a community sector/service organisation, do we need to tick all three of those boxes?
    • A: You do need to tick all three of those boxes, a community organisation is defined by the ATO as: Community service organisations promote, provide or carry out activities, facilities or projects for the benefit or welfare of the community or any members who have a particular need by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social or economic circumstances. 
  • Q: would there be any consideration of a social enterprise in this grant opportunity?
    • A: Unfortunately for-profit social enterprises are not eligible for this grant.
  • Q: Do you have a prefered template for submissions? 
    • A: There is no prefered template for planning or submission documents. 
  • Q: we would like to apply for funding on multiple seperate projects, is this allowed?
    • A: Yes, as long as the projects are clearly seperate and of merit.

More info about YHF and the grants program are avaible here 

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