Codeine Storycards


The Consumers Health Forum has commissioned the following resources to support your conversations with consumers about pain management.

  • A set of six storycards using humorous line drawings and trigger questions/statements.
  • A set of key messages relevant to each illustration. • A slide deck so you can include the materials in presentations and forums.
  • This PDF printable document explains how to use the storycards and provides additional notes and links that you can use with both print out versions or slide deck materials so that you can enrich the conversation with evidence based comment and feel confident in responding to questions.
  • PDF files for printing the storycards into postcards for distribution. The file named “Codeine-project-CARDS-DL.pdf” is the print file to provide to commercial printers for printing large quantities of the 6 kinds of DL size postcards (99 x 210mm).

The file named “Codeine-project-CARDS-A4.pdf” is for inhouse printing and is formatted so that there is 2 sets of 3 cards (fronts and backs) to print out on A4 sheets.

Who can use the storycards?

The storycards and the supplementary notes can be used by health professionals, support groups or organisations, or between consumers, their friends and families. What do the storycards tell us? The storycards are an engaging visual prompt for positive conversations about pain management. The illustrations relate to everyday life and the challenges of pain management. The cards are specifically designed to help people move forward with their pain management and to find alternatives to over-the-counter medications that contain codeine.

They have been created as desirable objects that will be passed along and outlast most purely informational materials. Everyone will interpret the line drawings and the key messages in different ways. That’s intentional. What a great way to start a conversation!

How do I use them?

  • Use as a set or independently. Some messages may work better for your needs/your organisation than others. You may wish to add some additional information and other web links that relate to your profession or your support organisation/group.
  • The aim of the storycards is to start a conversation. This might be face to face between health professionals and consumers, via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or between consumers, families and friends. Perhaps you have a story of your own that you would like to use to start the conversation alongside the cards.
  • Print out the cards as postcards. Put them out wherever you might stop and chat with people – maybe some at your desk, at the front counter, in the surgery, on the coffee machine in the tea-room or on your fridge at home. In fact, take the cards everywhere you go!
  • The postcards are often valued as a take-home gift, as part of a ‘sample bag’ or as freebies at events.
  • Include the storycards in your presentations or as part of webinars and use the the slide deck to showcase positive ways to work with consumers about pain management.
  • Use the PDF version (with its additional information) into handouts to use for forums, groups or with individual consumers. Print out the PDF to use together with the slide deck – so you have additional information on hand.
  • Use the illustrations and key messages to start the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Read the media release about these cards here.

See the links below for “No more over-the-counter” storycards and supporting documentation: