NPS-CHF Partnership

2020 - current

A Working Together agreement between the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) and NPS MedicineWise was launched in May 2020 setting out how we will partner and build on our collaboration over the past 20 years to ensure consumers are at the centre of quality use of medicines and better health decision-making.

Under the agreement, CHF and NPS MedicineWise will focus on building leadership and capacity within the health consumer community to strengthen participation and embed best practice consumer and community engagement across quality use of medicines programs and initiatives. Key priorities include promoting value-based health care, quality use of medicines, consumer co-design and health literacy; a consumer leadership and mentoring program; and examining consumer health literacy and activation from the perspective of ‘grass roots’ consumers as it relates to medicines and safe use to inform policy and programs.

Activities conducted or planned as part of Working Together Agreement so far include: