Real People, Real Data

2013 - Current

The Real People, Real Data project has developed a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for capturing and analysing consumer narratives of health, illness and the health system. The aim is to equip health services and consumers with a relevant and practical tool that can assist them to gather and analyse consumer stories, and use this often-overlooked evidence base to inform health decision-making.

It is widely recognised that Australia’s health system is unsustainable into the future due to burgeoning demand, increasing costs and widening inequalities in access to services. In this environment it is critical that consumer evidence shapes decision-making about health expenditure, services and reforms. Robust data about consumer experience and health outcomes are critical if we are to encourage patient-centred care, ensure consistent high quality in health services, respond to local and national health priorities and improve the health of Australians.

However, there is a gap in systemic data collection and analysis to support this effort. Real People, Real Data responds by conducting consumer-led research and provding a tool for gathering and analysing consumer experiences, as these are presented in people's own stories about healthcare. This will assist health services, consumers and decision-makers to identify and respond to the many factors that influence health and wellbeing: in the home and community as well as in medical and clinical settings. This has strategic value in ensuring healthcare interventions and expenditure are best targeted to improve well-being and health outcomes.

Real People, Real Data leverages the success of the Our Health, Our Community project. The tool is freely available on the OurHealth website and CHF is happy to work with individuals or organisations to use the tool in their consumer representative work.

To discuss the Real People, Real Data Project, please contact our Project or Policy staff on 02 6273 5444 or at