29 January 2020 Fact Sheets

Digital Health Special Interest Group - General Purpose and Operation

29 January 2020 Fact Sheets

Rural and Remote Health Newsletter - Issue 2

16 December 2019 Fact Sheets
Jennie Parham

We are seeking interested, enthusiastic consumers and health service providers who want to improve their collaborative practice and leadership skills to build effective partnerships that can “influence change” to undertake the Collaborative...

21 August 2019 Fact Sheets

Rural and Remote Health Special Interest Group - August Newsletter

15 August 2018 Fact Sheets

How committee secretariats can support consumer representatives

Consumers Health Forum

Committee secretariats can often enhance the contribution of a consumer representative on a particular committee by thinking through ways to support their involvement.

15 August 2018 Fact Sheets

Guidelines for consumer representatives on conference organising committees

Consumers Health Forum
13 August 2018 Fact Sheets

Confidentiality Guidelines

Consumers Health Forum

Consumer representatives are often concerned about how they can consult with other consumers – and be accountable to them – without infringing the confidentiality requirements of their committee. This fact sheet helps consumer representatives decide what is confidential. It is a guide only,...

12 June 2018 Fact Sheets

Consumer Guide to Reforms

In October 2017, TGA announced the implementation of patient information leaflets and patient implant cards for all implantable medical devices. This was in response to consumer concerns about the limited or absence of information provided about the medical device during surgery.

From 1...

8 May 2018 Fact Sheets
Consumers Health Forum

Find out what a clinical trial is, the types of trials, the benefits, how to get involved in one and important questions to ask before you do.

14 October 2016 Fact Sheets

Progress towards a Healthcare Consumer Organisation for Tasmania

Consumers Health Forum

In September 2015, the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) was engaged by Primary Health Tasmania to undertake foundational work to scope the need for, and to support the potential establishment of, a healthcare consumer organisation (HCO) in Tasmania. Currently Tasmania is the only...