About Consumers Shaping Health

Consumers Shaping Health is a newsletter published by the Consumers Forum of Australia (CHF) for members, consumer representatives and stakeholders in health. It promotes current advocacy work of CHF in its three priority areas: safety and quality in health care; health care for people with chronic conditions; and safe and appropriate use of medicines. The last edition of Consumers Shapinig Health was Febuary 2023

Older issues are available, please contact us if you would like to see a back-issue not listed here.

ISSN 1835-2057 (Print) ISSN 1835-2065 (Online)

9 October 2021
Diving deep into high level strategy to help consumers get the best from their healthcare In the Oct 2021 edition of Consumers Shaping Health , we discuss the high level Policy advocacy positions CHF is taking during Policy and Strategy Reviews for Medicines Policy and for Australia's largest...Read more
7 September 2021
Youth Health Summit a timely forum In the September 2021 edition of Consumers Shaping Health , we ..... Our friends at headspace have launched a new campaign to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people with their social and emotional wellbeing Share the Youth Health Forum...Read more
6 August 2021
Young people incubating ideas for healthy lives In the August 2021 edition of Consumers Shaping Health , we announce the successful applicants for the Youth Health Incubator Grants, awarded to young people and youth health organisations with projects designed to help address the “missing middle”...Read more
7 July 2021
Collaboration elaboration! In the July 2021 edition of Consumers Shaping Health , we announce the commencement of Collaborative Pairs, a consumer leadership program with five pairs from across Australia and New Zealand. Consumer consultation on Primary Health Care reform Webinar on COVID vaccine...Read more
4 June 2021
CHF supports vaccination campaign In this edition of Consumers Shaping Health we ...... Let you know how to find various tools on the Dept of Health website to help you with your COVID-19 vaccinations Tell you what happened at the National Ministerial Cancer Plan Roundtable Invite you to get...Read more
11 May 2021
What do we expect and need in this Budget? As this edition of Consumers Shaping Health goes to press, we await the fine detail of what the Federal Budget will bring, particularly for health care. Navigating Telehealth: the Patients’ Perspective The Fourth Atlas of Australian Healthcare Variation...Read more
6 April 2021
Summit catches the wave of health consumer power The CHF Summit: Shifting Gears 2021 is over, read more for reviews and links to highlights Ageism in health care - a project by the Older Women’s Network NSW (OWN NSW) and Health Consumers NSW (HCNSW) Join Us - register for people who want to...Read more
9 March 2021
Transitions a part of life and health care Three reports on three difficult and different issues that challenge the health system have been released in the last week... ... Royal Commission Report on Aged Care Royal Commision Report into Victoria's Mental Health System Life Transitions and Youth...Read more
4 February 2021
Health literacy means alot How health literacy and consumer-centred healthcare plays an important part in any initiative introduced to improve the health of our population ... ... The introduction of Active Ingredient Prescribing The COVID vaccine roll-out and diverse communities CHF Federal Budget...Read more
7 December 2020
Consumer report points to attitude sea change The CHF Consumer Commission report, Making Health Better Together not only presents a valuable guide on lessons of the COVID-19 experience, it also points to a deeper shift in thinking on health and social policy in Australia.. ... view the newsletterRead more