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Consumers Health Forum
It is expected that consumer representatives who nominate for conference organising committees will advocate strongly for health consumers in all aspects of conference planning.
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Consumers Health Forum

Teleconferencing is a great communication option as it is quick and easy to set up, saves travel time and costs, and enables you to conduct high-quality, reliable meetings over the phone with other stakeholders.

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National Health Priority Action Council Consumer Network

The framework is designed to assist individuals and committees involved in consultative and decision-making processes in analysing policies, grant applications and initiatives presented to them for consideration. It has a particular focus on access and disadvantage, setting out a series of steps...

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The Aim of this Guide is to provide advice to national community organisations, foundations and associations to use when coordinating, planning and conducting workshops with local community organisations on health topics or issues.

Community workshops are a commonly used technique for...

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Janne Graham

Professional and industry groups and so called ‘independent experts’ are frequently asked for their advice and views on matters relating to the health of the community and individuals. Community and ‘lay’ people are also sometimes asked to offer their experience to consider matters of public...