30 October 2020 Submission

The NHMRC proposed to include new and revised chapters in Section 4 and Section 5 of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, 2007 (updated 2018) (the National Statement). Developed by the Australian Health Ethics Committee (AHEC), the revised sections provide advice for both...

20 October 2020 Fact Sheets
Consumers Health Forum

Invitation to the Western NSW PHN Collaborative Pairs Program, closes Friday 29 January 2021 

12 October 2020 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

A healthy budget that raises hopes for the future

There is much to appreciate about the level of support for health in the Federal Budget. The solid funding increases for Medicare, PBS and public hospitals; and the substantial financing of the COVID emergency response...

8 October 2020 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum

Federal Budget 2020-21 Briefing analysis

The Federal Budget 2020-21 was handed down on Tuesday 6 October 2020. CHF staff worked hard to bring you the latest information and to provide expert commentary on how the budget affects the health consumers. Our Budget Briefing analysis is...

7 October 2020 Submission

As required by the Medical Research Future Fund Act 2015 (the Act), the independent Australian Medical Research Advisory Board (AMRAB) conducted a consultation from 9 Sep 2020 to 7 Oct 2020 to develop the Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF) Australian Medical Research and Innovation...

24 September 2020 Fact Sheets
Consumers Health Forum

Lets talk about our Big Ideas for Health - use this flyer to promote the Big Ideas competition

22 September 2020 Youth healthUPdate
Carolyn Thompson

The Youth healthUpdate newsletter for September 2020 covers:

  • Registration details for a four-part Young Advocates Webinar Series and information about CHF's Shifting Gears Summit in 2021
  • A link to YHF member Eileen Phoenix Aquino Lam's article in Croakey 
  • ...
22 September 2020 Fact Sheets
Climate and Health Alliance
4 September 2020 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

COVID and a social prescription for change

The Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association has just published a detailed and thought-provoking report on how we can turn the experiences of COVID-19 into opportunities for change.

The report captures the mood...