17 June 2015 Report
Consumers Health Forum

The major implication of these results for health policymakers is that defenders of traditional “silos” of medicine need to rethink what ought to be considered traditional roles for GPs and pharmacists. Moreover, if pharmacists are going to assume a greater role in the provision of primary care...

15 June 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

Abstract: CHF's submission to the RACGP's Vision for a Sustainable Health System Discussion Paper.

1 June 2015 Report
Jennifer Doggett for the Consumers Health Forum of Australia

The aim of this project was to review and assess the evidence that demonstrates the contributions and outcomes of consumer representation on health and medical Boards/Committees, in particular to document the impact of consumer representatives’ contribution to health policies, programs and...

18 May 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) is pleased to provide a submission to the Issues Paper for the Post-Market Review of the Life-Saving Drugs Programme (the Issues Paper). Before going into the content of our views, we want to express our deep concerns with the limitations the Review...

13 May 2015 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum

This is an initial analysis of the Federal Health Budget from the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF). There is further detail in the Budget papers that require further appraisal before CHF takes a view on these aspects. We are preparing a more detailed analysis based on further briefings...

27 April 2015 Health Voices
Consumers Health Forum

PHNs... Will they be good for our health?

17 April 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

This submission into the Availability of new, innovative and specialist cancer drugs in Australia draws on the experiences of our members and consumer representatives in assessing the availability and effectiveness of medicines in Australia, and in particular the operation of the Pharmaceutical...

10 April 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

The definitive goal of this review of the regulatory framework should be the safety and quality of complementary medicines in Australia. Any new framework must carefully balance the risk to consumer safety and consumer choice concerns.

2 April 2015 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

CHF's new CEO; Pharmacy deal in urgent need of new script; Health Minister Ley: 'above all, consumer-focused'; Now co-pay is cremated, time to revive Medicare; Asthma Australia conference; In sickness and in health; Why do I even need this test?; "Frequent flyer" claim shown to be a sick joke...

2 February 2015 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

Nothing about us, without us!;Tackling obesity: Australia wants change; Price Signals and Health Hazards; Federal Government must not send medicines safety checks offshore; Thanks and farewell to Adam; The costs of chronic illness; Would you like to be part of Consumers Shaping Health?; Problems...