17 November 2016 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum, presented by Dean Hewson

Presented at the Mayo Healthcare and Social Media Summit 2016 in Melbourne, this presentation is about how a solid bedrock of philosophy behind an organisation’s communications and a clear understanding of goals make treating each other with respect simple, and to show you how our philosophy...

9 November 2016 Report
Rebecca Randall

The health sector, both in Australia and internationally is increasingly being pushed to do more with less, provide for disparate populations and meet the increasingly complex needs of people who use our health systems.  While the practice of patient centered care has been shown to benefit the...

4 November 2016 Submission
Consumers Health Forum
"INTRODUCING COMPETITION AND INFORMED USER CHOICE INTO HUMAN SERVICES: IDENTIFYING SECTORS FOR REFORM" Whilst CHF acknowledges that there is scope for improved efficiency in the delivery of health services we do not think that this preliminary findings report makes a convincing case for increasing competition and contestability delivering those efficiencies without detriment to consumers.  Some of the benefits identified for consumers could and should be achieved by reforms within the existing market arrangements. After these have been implemented it would then be useful to revisit all three areas and see if there is still scope for additional benefits from increased competition.
27 October 2016 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum, presented by Leanne Wells

Leanne Wells spoke at the 2016 Australian Self Medication Industry Conference on the topic of "Balancing innovation and evidence in self-management and self-care - a consumer perspective".

24 October 2016 Submission

CHF welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback of the draft 5th edition Standards for General Practice Patient Feedback guide. We are pleased with the current state of the patient feedback guide and feel that the majority of the work in it respects consumers and will help practices best serve...

18 October 2016 Consumers Shaping Health
This is a re-launch of the Consumers Shaping Health e-newsletter we have been sending to stakeholders for some years. Now more people than ever will be receiving it as part of our aim to reach out to as many interested people as we can. The health consumer’s role is more important than ever with both clinicians and governments realising that healthcare works best when consumers have a central say about how it is designed and delivered. Many issues like Health Care Homes, health insurance, pharmacy, health literacy and quality and safety are crucial to consumers. Consumers Shaping Health will bring to you every two months news on what CHF and others are doing to ensure the consumers have impact in national health policy.
14 October 2016 Fact Sheets
Consumers Health Forum

In September 2015, the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) was engaged by Primary Health Tasmania to undertake foundational work to scope the need for, and to support the potential establishment of, a healthcare consumer organisation (HCO) in Tasmania. Currently Tasmania is the only...

6 October 2016 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF is providing this submission in response to the First Report of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Principles and Rules Committee, and to add to our responses provided via the online survey about the First Report.

4 October 2016 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

The need for and use of chaperones in the medical profession is a challenging issue for all concerned and one that CHF supports the investigation of. Due to the short timeframe in which submissions were called for we have not had time to consult our members explicitly on this submission. However...

4 October 2016 Submission
Consumers Health Forum
CHF was pleased that one of the initial stated intentions in revising the Standards was to make them more consumer focused. However, we feel that this intent has not been realised in the current draft as a substantial number of the comments from our original submission and the consultation with healthcare consumers have not been taken into consideration.