27 June 2016 Position Statements
Australian Labor Party
The Australian Labor Party's response to CHF's 2016 Federal election platform.
22 June 2016 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum
7 June 2016 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum of Australia

CHF's 2016 Election Platform. We call for a number of commitments in seven key areas which would lay the groundwork for a sustainable health system that ensures people get the right care, at the right time and at the right cost.

4 June 2016 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum
This document outlines CHF's initial appraisal of the recently announced pharmacy reforms and 6CPA. While there are some positive points of difference between last agreement (5CPA) and 6CPA, the current Agreement does not go far enough to drive improvements in terms of greater competition and...
2 June 2016 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum
Budget 2015: CHF's initial response; Pharmacy agreement offers pills with a sugar coating; Online health records trial a big step forward; What patients want from clinicians but often don't get: being treated as an individual; Choosing Wisely; Looking for ways to engage your consumers?;...
4 April 2016 Health Voices
Consumers Health Forum

Consumer-centred health care in the 21st century

2 April 2016 Report
Consumers Health Forum, The George Institute for Global Health

To develop a framework for how this might happen in Australia, The George Institute for Global Health and the Consumers Health Forum of Australia partnered on a Special Policy Roundtable held in Sydney on 31 March 2016. Involving over 35 consumers, advocates, and health experts from a range of...

29 January 2016 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

Integrated and coherent health policy should start with the healthcare consumer and their needs. Wider policy must recognise the link between the nation’s overall health status and productivity: an investment in healthcare is an investment in the health of the budget itself.

7 January 2016 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum
Preserving Consumer Choices Without Sacrificing the Principles of Universal Health Care
7 January 2016 Report
Consumers Health Forum

The Government announced a review into private health insurance on 28 October 2015. In order to help inform the government’s review into private health insurance, the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) launched the online survey. CHF made its formal submission to the government’s review...